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Preparing Makes Good Business Sense

How quickly your company can get back to business after a natural disaster, or even a terrorist attack, often depends on emergency planning done in advance. In most cases, the price of being ready far outweighs the costs of being unprepared.


Preparing makes good business sense. Be ready to assess the situation and available resources to take care of yourself, your co-workers, and your business. You are not alone — there are Orange County resources available to help you, your business and our community. Above all, be informed about the kinds of disasters that most often affect Orange County businesses.

Support for Your Employees and Co-workers

​Your employees and co-workers are your business's most important and valuable asset. Learn what people need to recover after a disaster.

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  1. Assess how your company functions, internally and externally, to determine which staff, materials, procedures and equipment are absolutely necessary to keep the business operating.

  2. Plan for payroll continuity.

  3. Define crisis management procedures and individual responsibilities in advance.

4. Develop relationships with more than one company in case your primary contractor is unavailable.

5. Plan what to do if your building, plant or store is not accessible.

6. Consider how to run the business from a different location or from your home.

7. Keep First Aid supplies in stock and easily accessible.

Business Colleagues
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8. Encourage employees to talk about medical conditions that may require support or special care in an emergency.

9. Keep employee emergency contact information on file and up-to-date. Store a copy with other vital records in your emergency kit and another at an off-site location.

Prepare for An Emergency

Whether you are an Orange County-area business owner, a manager or an employee, make sure you are prepared in the event of an emergency. Being ready for a disaster starts with you!

Insurance Agent
Insurance Coverage
Inadequate insurance coverage can lead to major financial loss if your business is damaged, destroyed, or simply interrupted for a period of time. Insurance policies vary, check with your agent or provider.
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Facilities &
The force of some disasters can damage or destroy important equipment. Conduct a room-by-room walk-through to determine what needs to be secured.
Work Colleagues
Cyber Security
Every computer is vulnerable to attack. Protecting your data and information technology systems is critical and may require specialized expertise.
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We Can Protect Our Work Spaces

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