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Ready for the Road

Be Ready for the Road with Emergency Preparedness

One key aspect of preparedness is having a well-stocked emergency kit in your vehicle. This kit should include essentials such as a first aid kit, flashlight, spare batteries, non-perishable snacks, water, a blanket, and basic tools. Additionally, make sure your vehicle is in good condition before embarking on a trip by checking the tire pressure, fluid levels, and brakes. Familiarize yourself with the location of emergency services along your route and have a map or GPS device on hand in case you need to find an alternate route.  

It's also essential to have a communication plan in place. Ensure your cellphone is charged and have a car charger with you. Share your travel itinerary with someone you trust, so they know your route and estimated arrival time. In case of an emergency, having a roadside assistance service contact or information about nearby service stations can be invaluable. Lastly, stay informed about weather conditions and road closures, and be willing to adjust your travel plans if necessary. By taking these precautions, you can enhance your safety and well-being while traveling on the road. 


Remember that being Ready for the Road can make a significant difference during an emergency situation. Here is a full list of items you should include in your vehicle kit to be Ready for the Road: 

Ready for the Road Kit Items
  • Cellphone & car charger 

  • First Aid Kit 

  • Blanket 

  • Duct Tap, Road Flares or Reflectors

  • Drinking water/snacks  

  • Non-perishable food: I.e. beef jerky, granola, protein bars. 

  • Flashlight w/extra batteries

  • Set of car tools (i.e. tire jack, lug wrench, multipurpose tool or knife) 

  • Rags, paper towels or wipes 

  • Jumper cables/jump pack 

  • Traction aid such as sand, salt or non-clumping cat litter 

  • Tarp, raincoat, and gloves 

  • Small Shovel 

Other Items to Consider

Maintenance Items

  • Empty Gas Can  

  • Extra Motor Oil 

  • Coolant 

  • Brake Fluid 

  • Funnel 

  • Windshield Washer Fluid 

Personal Items

  • Change of clothes & shoes 

  • Daily Medications 

  • Personal Hygiene items 

Signaling & Communication Items 

  • Emergency whistle 

  • Notepad and pen/pencil 

  • Permanent marker 

Seasonal Items to Consider 

  • Ice scraper/snow brush (winter) 

  • Sunscreen and hat (summer) 

  • Extra water and cooling supplies (summer) 


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