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Ready at Home

Prepare Your Home for the Unexpected

Preparing your home for emergencies is a crucial step in ensuring the safety and well-being of your family. Natural disasters, power outages, or unexpected events can occur at any time, and having a detailed emergency plan in place can make a significant difference. ReadyOC's newest preparedness campaign, "Ready at Home," aims to provide you and your family with the necessary tools to always be prepared for any emergency.  

One key aspect of this preparation is creating a Home Emergency Preparedness kit that is ready to go at a moment's notice. This kit should include essential items such as non-perishable foods, water, first aid supplies, medications, important documents, and basic tools. Ensuring that your home is equipped with these necessities can be a lifeline during times of crisis. 

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Essential Items for Your Home Kit
  • 3-day supply of water for each family member 

  • Non-perishable foods 

  • First aid supplies 

  • Fire extinguisher 

  • Prescription medicines 

  • Extra batteries 

  • Radio 

  • Cash 

  • Pet food 

  • And other necessities.  

By taking the time to get prepared, you can ensure your family stays ready for any emergency situation that may arise. In addition, it's equally important to have a communication plan in place to ensure family members know how to reach each other and where to meet in case of evacuation.  

Important Locations Around Your House
  • Water heater  

  • Emergency water shut off.  

  • Gas shut off  

  • Fuse box  

  • Locations of fire extinguishers

It is crucial for homeowners to familiarize yourself with the location of essential utilities around your house to ensure prompt and effective response in case of emergencies. In emergencies, knowing how to shut off, or access, your utilities promptly can prevent further damage and ensure the safety of occupants. Regularly reviewing and practicing the process of shutting off these utilities is a proactive measure that can make a significant difference in emergency situations. 

Prepare Your Home with Essential Items

Preparing essential items in your home for emergencies is a fundamental step toward ensuring the safety and well-being of your household. Regularly review and update your emergency kit, ensuring that items have not expired and adjusting it based on the specific needs of your household. Taking the time to prepare these essential items in advance can provide peace of mind and make a significant difference when facing unexpected situations. Begin by assembling a comprehensive emergency kit that includes the below:

  • Water—at least a gallon per person, per day 

  • Non-perishable food (dried fruit, peanut butter, energy bars, etc.) 

  • First aid kit 

  • Fire extinguisher  

  • Cash 

  • Prescription medicines 

  • Extra batteries or an alternative power source 

  • Matches in a waterproof container.  

  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap 

  • Paper plates, plastic cups and utensils, paper towels 

  • Battery-powered or hand-cranked radio 

  • Sleeping bag or warm blanket for each person 

  • Flashlights 

  • Whistle to signal for help 

  • Can opener (manual) 

  • Local maps 

  • Pet and service animal supplies 

  • Baby supplies (formula, diapers, etc.) 

  • Extra pair of eyeglasses 

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