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Ready to React

Orange County’s Leading Emergency Preparedness Agency

There is no telling when or where a disaster will strike, but we must always be prepared in the unfortunate event of an emergency. Ready to React is an initiative created to educate the public on what to do during disasters before first responders can reach them. First responders try to get to the scene as soon as possible, but they can take minutes, hours, or days to reach you, depending on the type and scale. Knowing to be prepared and react can save you and your loved ones.


You are the help until help arrives

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First Aid

During the commotion of a disaster or emergency situation, injuries are likely to occur. Knowing even the basics of first aid can significantly increase you, or a loved one's, chances of survival. First responders will arrive on the scene with more medical equipment and training, but it could be hours or even days before they can assist you. Keep yourself informed and prepared by reading up on our first aid tips.

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Cellular Response

Cell phones and cellular communication are irreplaceable in our modern era. However, disasters and emergencies may disrupt our cellular communications systems for extended periods of time. Knowing how to utilize your mobile devices to the fullest can keep you safe and give your loved ones peace of mind during a disaster. Click below to read how you can use your phone as a tool during emergencies. 

Emergency Response

It is challenging to plan or prepare for every situation in the middle of a disaster. Taking the time to prepare ahead of an emergency will alleviate stress when the time comes. Storing food, preparing "Grab & Go" bags, and planning out meeting spots ahead of time are a few of the ways you can prepare before disasters occur. Click the box to learn how you can plan head with your family and loved ones.

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Depending on the type of emergency, you may need to shut off the utilities throughout your home. Knowing how to shut off your gas, water, and electricity during a disaster can save your home from further potential damage and keep you and your loved ones safe. Read our utility tips to know how to shut off the services within your house safely.

Public Alert Systems

News channels and social media may become flooded during a disaster, leading to contradictory or confusing information. However, various radio stations and notification systems are explicitly made for emergencies and seek to supply the community with helpful resources and information for staying safe. Click the box below to see which public alert systems are available.

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These easy-to-read fact sheets are perfect for downloading, printing, and distributing to friends, family members, schoolteachers, co-workers, and more!

Ready to React Materials

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