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Emergency Response

Storing Food

Although disasters and emergencies can’t be preordained, you can certainly prepare for them ahead of time. Having non-perishable foods safely stored away and readily available will save time and stave off hunger during an emergency. Learn what you should stock up on and replace to be prepared for any emergency.

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Back-Up Power

In the midst of a catastrophic event, our environment can drastically change. This can affect our homes and their utilities. Our electricity sizzles out, the water stops mid-shower, and the minimal ways to connect with our loved ones to ensure they’re safe will be stressful. To prepare for such incidents, take a look at the lists of backup power and heat sources.

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Evacuation Packing

Disasters can strike at a moment’s notice. We may not have enough time to recall and pack what we need for such events. It’s vital to have a Grab & Go bag in your home or car just in case an emergency evacuation is prompted. Check the list below to see if your Grab and Go bag has all the necessities. Please keep in mind that these bags should be checked periodically to replace expired or ineffective items.

Transportation Routes

Not only do we have to pack extra items to complete our emergency bags and organize our families during dire events, but we must also figure a way out of our dangerous environment. Planning an escape route is stressful, especially if extreme weather makes it nearly impossible to navigate your cities, e.g. blocked roads or fallen buildings. Thankfully, the DOT (Department of Transportation) will post information and updates related to public transportation during such events. Plan ahead of the DOT by familiarizing yourself with your workplace, school, and neighborhood.

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Shelter In Place

Emergencies can arise in a split second. There are Mass Care Shelters that disaster victims can travel to for safety but, sometimes, uncontrollable factors may derail your plans. Read below on how to find shelter and how to fortify your home in such an event.

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Signals for Help

Becoming separated and not knowing where you are is a rough experience when surviving a disaster. Understanding how to signal for help when cell phones aren’t an option will significantly increase your survival chances and allow first responders to discover you more quickly.

Purifying Water

Stocking up on safe and portable drinking water, such as bottled water, is your best bet during an emergency. There’s no telling when or where disasters will strike, but simply having access to drinking water will be one less issue to worry about. Storing a few bottles of water at home, at work, and even in your vehicle prepares you more than you think.

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