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Storing Food

Although disasters and emergencies can’t be preordained, you can certainly prepare for them ahead of time. Having non-perishable foods safely stored away and readily available will save time and stave off hunger during an emergency. A list of non-perishables to have on hand are:

  1. Dried and canned beans (2–10-year shelf life)

  2. Dried fruits and vegetables (6 months-1 year shelf life)

  3. Canned fish and poultry (5-year shelf life at room temperature)

  4. Canned fruits and vegetables (2–5-year shelf life at room temperature)

  5. Canned soup (5-year shelf life at room temperature) 

  6. Freeze-dried foods (7-25 year shelf life)


Canned and dried products kept at room temperature can last the longest. Keep the food in easily accessible storage spaces to grab it quickly when you need to and vacate the area.

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