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Evacuation Packing

Disasters can strike at a moment’s notice. We may not have enough time to recall and pack what we need for such an event. It’s vital to have a Grab & Go bag in your home or car just in case an emergency evacuation is prompted. Check the list below to see if your Grab and Go bag has all the necessities. Please keep in mind that these bags should be checked periodically to replace expired or ineffective items.

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Grab and Go Packing List:


  • Water (1 gallon/person per day)

  • Canned/Non-Perishable Food + Manual Can Opener

  • Copies of I.D./Documents + Emergency Plan

  • Cash (in case of power outages)

  • Maps

  • Cellphone + Wireless Battery Charger

  • First Aid Kit (with pain-relieving medication) + Prescriptions

  • Toiletry/Cleaning Kit (toothbrush + toothpaste, moist towelettes, hand sanitizer, soap, sunscreen, bug spray, bleach and dropper for sanitizing, etc.)

  • Battery/Hand Crank Emergency Radio

  • Battery/Solar Powered Flashlights or Head Lamps

  • Waterproof Matches, Lighters, and Extra batteries

  • Extra Sets of Clothing (conducive to the environment) +Dust/Face Masks

  • Whistles

  • Emergency/Mylar/Space blanket

    Other helpful packing items: tape, plastic sheeting, garbage bags, rubber bands, zip ties, wrench or pliers, pen + notepad, water purifying tablets, and flip flops

Other Items to Consider:

For Pets:

  • Food + Treats

  • Extra Water

  • Harness

  • Leash

  • Favorite Toys

  • Crate + Blankets

  • Hygiene Kit + Waste Bags

  • Prescriptions


For Children:

  • Copies of Identification

  • Favorite Toys/Activities/Books

  • Extra Clothes + Dust/Face Masks

  • Formula and Diapers + Wipes + Pacifiers (if needed)

  • Small First Aid Kit + Prescriptions (may be held in adults’ bag)

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