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Shelter In Place

Emergencies can arise in a split second. There are Mass Care Shelters that disaster victims can travel to for safety but, sometimes, uncontrollable factors may derail your plans. Read below on how to find shelter and how to fortify your home in such an event.

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It’s not always possible to travel during an emergency situation. Some obvious reasons to shelter in place includes, but is not limited to, wild and unpredictable weather, heavy amounts of contaminants or debris lingering in the air, and nonoperational roads.


How to Reinforce Your Home:


  • Lock your doors and windows.

  • If there are stray airborne elements: turn off your air vents, AC and heating systems.

  • Seal all windows, cracks around doors, and vents with plastic sheeting.

  • Tape down other gaps in your home that may expose you to the air outside.

  • When possible, consult your television, radio, or Internet sources for updates from local authorities and how to proceed.

  • Keep your pets indoors.

  • Reside in rooms with the least number of windows.

  • Limit physical contact with others.

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