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Be Safety, Fire Wise on Fourth of July

By Greg Mellen

Photo By: Designecologist

It doesn’t get much more American on the Fourth of July than fireworks after a day of parades, barbecues, and get-togethers. And yet, few things are more potentially dangerous than personal pyrotechnics. In addition to the risk of injury and terrorizing pets, home fireworks can set off potentially devastating wildfires and personal property conflagrations.

Ready OC, Orange County’s foremost preparedness website, has a wide array of precautions and plans that can be used in the case of disasters — natural or manmade.

Education and awareness are vital on holidays and will remain important in the coming months, when the hot weather of summer takes hold and fire becomes an ever present concern.

For all their fun and fascination, fireworks require special attention to avoid turning holiday happiness into disaster. Outside of those in public shows and displays, all fireworks are barred in most of Southern California’s 296 cities (about 80 percent).

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