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ReadyOC Shares How to Prepare for Excessive Heat

By Greg Mellen

Photo by Pixabay

The news reports have been plenty scary; however, while July 2023 shapes up to be the hottest month on record globally, and portions of California have sizzled under unrelenting and occasional record-breaking heat, Orange County has been largely spared.

That is not to say it hasn’t been plenty hot at times, or that residents shouldn’t take precautions against heat exposure and illness, or that temperatures and weather patterns can’t change quickly.

Awareness of the dangers of heat and exposure is vital and ReadyOC, Orange County’s preparedness resource, is sharing valuable information on dealing with Extreme Heat. According to ReadyOC, ”Studies show that a significant rise in heat-related illnesses occurs when excessive heat lasts for more than two days.”

As Dr. Chinsio-Kwong, County Health Officer for the County of Orange says, “While local temperatures have not risen to an alert phase for a local advisory, residents should prepare, learn best practice to reduce temperatures in the household, learn who may be at higher risk, understand ways to prevent heat illness, and be aware of heat illness symptoms and when to seek medical attention or when to call 911.”

County preparations for excessive heat are based on National Weather Service forecasts of weather events and begin 24 to 72 hours before the predicted onset. These can range from heat advisories, in which temperatures are forecast between 95 and 100 for one to three days, to excessive heat watches and warnings, in advance of potentially extended forecasts of 100-110.

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